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IPv6 Projects Unite for Maximum Impact and Strategic Analysis

“Together We’re Stronger”

MADRID, March 13th, 2014 – Organisations involved in Next Generation Internet research, development and deployment are joining together to drive maximum value from their activities and to promote a common strategic analysis for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) technology deployment going forward. Over €1M is being invested by the European Commission and the Swiss government in the 6LINK project, launched to provide support for the ongoing clustering activities of IPv6-related projects in Europe. The IPv6 Cluster activities foster and promote synergies between all IPv6 projects, increasing value for the participants and Europe as a whole. 6LINK is established to provide vital support for the IPv6 Cluster.

“6LINK aims to contribute to the social, technological, and economic development of the European Community in three ways: firstly, by building consensus across all IPv6-related projects about the key issues for IPv6 development and deployment in Europe; secondly, by disseminating the agreed vision to as wide an audience as possible, and; thirdly, by providing co-ordinated input to standards, and by supporting common trials across projects.

The intention is to bring focus and clarity to the development and deployment of IPv6 in Europe, and beyond, in the hope that this will hasten its widespread adoption, and thereby give European industry and society an important advantage in the global information society,” said 6LINK’s project co-ordinator, Mat Ford of BTexact Technologies, BT’s advanced research and technology business.

“IPv6 is not a technology sprint, but a technology marathon. The aggregation of knowledge, skills and experience belong to this process and 6LINK is providing vital support to address this non-trivial undertaking,” states Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum and IPv6 Task Force Chair.

6LINK is organising a series of public workshops to foster knowledge-sharing and consensus-building at which participants will be able to present and discuss their views of the road ahead for IPv6. 6LINK will be publishing annual reports on the development and deployment issues for IPv6, and will also seek to co-ordinate and disseminate IPv6 standards development within Europe.

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