“Pass the CPA Exam” – My New Mantra

Been a few days since I found out about failing REG with a 71. I decided I needed to relax and stay depressed for a while. Heck, I felt entitled to be depressed. I wasn’t exactly a straight A student in college but I always got pretty decent marks. Failing 3 cpa exam sections in just over half a year was a hard pill to swallow.

I regret having waited these few years after I graduated before going for cpa certification. I’ve forgotten so much of the material that was covered in college, I basically had to relearn everything from scratch (at least it felt that way). And I had to do this after a full day of work when my concentration is at its lowest.

OK, so I have some things working against me, but I’m dusting myself off and moving forward. Nobody ever told me it was easy to pass the cpa exam, but lots of people have done it and never looked back, so why not me?

Days of failure and depression are over. I’m going to apply to the cpa board sometime this week and take those 3 exams again ASAP so I won’t have to learn everything from scratch again.

My plan is to go for REG first this time around because it’s still fresh in my mind. I’m also going to look into getting some help, such as finding a study partner or joining a study group. I also need the best cpa exam review course (not becker – tried that already and a lot of good it did me). Any recommendations?

For inspiration and encouragement, I’m reading other cpa exam blogs written by other cpa hopefuls on a regular basis. I keep reminding myself that I’m not in this alone.

I printed out a bunch of labels that read “I WILL BECOME A CPA” and pasted it all over places where I could see them everday. I even stuck one on the ceiling right above my bed so I could look at it first thing when I wake and last thing before I sleep. This time around, I WILL pass the cpa exam, or DIE TRYING.